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Level 3 IT User Diploma



Level 3 qualifications are:

  • A level

  • access to higher education diploma

  • advanced apprenticeship

  • applied general

  • AS level

  • international Baccalaureate diploma

  • level 3 award

  • level 3 certificate

  • level 3 diploma

  • level 3 ESOL

  • level 3 national certificate

  • level 3 national diploma

  • level 3 NVQ

7574-03 Level 3 Diploma for IT User

General Information:

The City & Guilds ITQ is suitable for anybody who uses IT whether at home or work. The flexible structure and assessment methods of the ITQ mean that it can be adapted for a variety of courses in the classroom or almost any workplace or job role as part of an intended career. 

The qualification provides from a basic level skills and knowledge that could lead to further education in IT or related areas, as well as underpinning other educational sectors to higher levels of competency for those required to work independently or supervise others. For those moving into their first job role the ITQ can provide the confidence to work effectively with ICT and deal with tasks that are straightforward or routine.

Entry Requirements:


A Level 3 user can make use of predefined or commonly used IT tools for activities most of which are complex and non-routine, they will be able to devise solutions in the use of IT tools in order to improve productivity. They will take considerable responsibility and autonomy, and be prepared to offer support and advice to others.

An activity will typically be ‘complex and non-routine’ because:

  • The task or context is likely to require research, analysis and interpretation;

  • The work may be undertaken by others; and the techniques required will be complex, and

  • The selection process may involve analysis, research, identification and application.

Entry Requirements

Suitable for, Students would be expected to have a reasonable level of ICT knowledge and competency to undertake level 3.



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