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Level 5 Professional Recognition Award



Level 5 qualifications are:

  • diploma of higher education (DipHE)

  • foundation degree

  • higher national diploma (HND)

  • level 5 award

  • level 5 certificate

  • level 5 diploma

  • level 5 NVQ

Level 5 City & Guilds Qualification:

9200-02 Level 5 Professional Recognition Award

A level 5 Professional Recognition Award (Affiliateship) candidate would typically:

• have line management responsibilities
• anticipate, plan and lead change
• manage resources
• constructively work with others to develop and maintain good working relationships
• set direction and inspire others to work together to achieve challenging outcomes
• generate creative ideas to inform best practice and continual improvement
• monitor compliance with professional standards*
• implement an effective communication strategy
• develop and maintain good customer relationships to support the customer focussed culture of the organisation
• analyse, identify and access professional development 
• address problems that are well-defined but complex and non-routine
• exercising autonomy and judgement in decision making which takes into account the views and perspectives of others

Standard Statements

The candidate will:

1.1 Monitor compliance of self and others with professional standards and propose areas for improvement

1.2 Develop and implement measures for reducing the risk of non compliance of professional standards within own area of responsibility

1.3 Make informed judgements to manage a situation where there may have been a breach of professional standards

1.3 Develop strategies that promote relevant professional standards in own area of responsibility which fosters a culture of continuous improvement

2.1 Respond to the needs of a target audience by implementing an effective communication strategy

2.2 Evaluate relevant complex information, draw conclusions and communicate findings to others in a manner that is consistent with relevant legislation, policies and procedures

2.3 Manage barriers to effective communication constructively, recognising and taking action to resolve personal and (where appropriate) team conflict

2.4 Analyse the way information is recorded, shared and stored and make recommendations for improvement

3.1 Demonstrate clear, positive and motivational leadership skills

3.2 Anticipate, plan and lead change in own area of responsibility

3.3 Develop performance targets for self and others based on the needs of the organisation, knowledge of resource requirements and operational capacity

3.4 Consistently meet challenging outcomes by managing resources in a timely manner

3.5 Develop ideas to promote best practice and continuous improvement

4.1 Evaluate own performance to develop a plan to address own development needs

4.2 Take responsibility for identifying and accessing learning opportunities to meet development needs

4.3 Evaluate the impact of professional development undertaken

5.1 Set direction, gain commitment and inspire others to work together to achieve challenging outcomes

5.2 Actively contribute to the development of others by offering own expertise and guidance to enable them to realise their goals

5.3 Evaluate different perspectives and make judgements to address complex problems which may occur when working with others

6.1 Determine a benchmark for customer service based on customer expectation, operational capacity and organisational objectives

6.2 Evaluate the levels of customer satisfaction in own area of responsibility and implement a strategy to improve customer service

6.3 Develop and maintain good customer relationships and take action to resolve complaints in line with organisational and legal guidelines



Tuition Fee (Cyprus residence or Online Class): 1.750 Euro (Two-semester registration) 

(*)Please, look at academic calendar for time period of study of each semesters.

(**)You can find bank accounts on web site for direct fee payments.

Entry Requirements

At least 5 months of work experience.



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