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Web Design


With more communication and commerce being conducted online than ever before, the web provides incredible opportunities for developers. Web developers play a central role in building dynamic websites and applications that deliver content in a variety of formats for multiple devices.

Demonstrate your ability to solve problems, contribute ideas, and offer solutions by earning a professional graduate certificate in web technologies.

The Internet has fundamentally changed the world. It has also fundamentally changed the world of design – in order to create these interactive experiences, individuals need a new technological skillset to succeed in this arena.

In the Web Design Diploma program , students are provided with the basics of Web site design, graphics and animation developed specifically for the Internet.

Depending on level of specialty, graduates are prepared to pursue entry-level positions in many areas of Web-related businesses such as:

·  Web Site Designer

·  Information Designer

·  Web Animator

Popular Career Options:

Web designers are expected to create and design dynamic, visually appealing and intuitively navigable websites. Students with a web design certificate could gain these or other job titles:

·  Freelance web designer

·  Graphic designer

·  Web animation creator

·  Web developer

·  PHP & CSS developer

Title: Web Designer

Duration: 1 or 2 years

Optional Prep: Available

Language: English

Fee / Semester: 

Accreditation: Ministry of Education

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