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Business Administration


In our increasingly complex global economy, astute professionals must keep current in best business and management practices. This Professional Certificate Program in Business Management provides practical, up-to-date information that savvy professionals use to keep a competitive edge. Whether you are seeking to launch a new business, expand internationally, optimize current resources, or learn cutting-edge techniques to benefit your organization, this program provides you with eight different areas of specialization to realize your goals. The program is especially suited for specialists seeking broader understanding of best business practices; supervisors or general professionals requiring more formal study in management; and experienced mid-level managers needing to update their skills to meet new management challenges.

Program Benefits:

  • Learn fundamental business skills while focusing on your specific area of interest.
  • Gain valuable leadership skills to enhance your career. 
  • Acquire cutting-edge information from industry experts who are experienced instructors.
  • Network with professionals, peers and business community leaders.

Work Opportunities:

Opportunity to work in all departments of various government and private sector organizations, 

  • Large and small business finance, accounting, marketing, personnel, purchasing and public relations departments, 
  • independent accountants, public accountants and chartered accountants offices, 
  • accounting of the various state institutions, the personnel department and the tax authorities,
  • Investment and financial institutions,

  • Public and private banks.

Duration: 1 or 2 Years 

Optional Prep: Available

Language: English



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