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Purpose of the Program:

Purpose of the program is to raise personnel for occupational safety required by industrial enterprises and satisfy the need of “Occupational Health and Safety Specialist” who has the competence to undertake occupational safety organization and occupational safety responsibility. In addition, another purpose is to create a healthy and safe environment by minimizing risks at workplaces, remove the dangers at source, increase productivity of employees and factory by paying all the attention on working in this environment, minimize all legal, conscientious and financial responsibilities as a result of any accident and therefore make contribute to national economy by increasing profitability of the enterprise.

Learning periods are kept flexible taking the employees into account. Students graduate from our school can be assigned as Occupational Safety Specialist at all enterprises in TRNC. The objective is to train personnel on Occupational Safety required by Industrial Enterprises and also “Technicians of Health and Safety at Work” who have the qualification to undertake the responsibility of occupational safety in a lower level of engineering at any enterprise where occupational safety organization is in engineering level and the entire responsibility of occupational safety of any enterprise where the occupational safety organization is not in engineering level.

In this program, in addition,

  • who observe and interpret the legal regulations on occupational health and safety,
  • who behave properly in accordance with professional ethics,
  • who take all the necessary precautions to ensure occupational safety in an enterprise,
  • who can make risk assessment in the enterprise where they work and take the necessary precautions to prevent risks,
  • who are sensitive to the current events concerning occupational health and safety and follow the latest developments, is included in our objectives.

Internship: Compulsory internship period is 4 months (96 working days) for the students studying in this program. Students complete their internship at the end of 1st and 2nd year.

Title:Students graduated from the program will get the title of “OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH AND SAFETY SPECIALIST”.

Employment Opportunities: Members of profession;

Those who graduate from the program might work as “Occupational Health and Safety Technician” at all institutions, enterprises and business firms, trading centers, multi-storey high buildings, university and schools in the campuses, shopping malls and public centers, fire stations, civil defense and similar emergency establishments.

Our students in this programme will have had knowledge of bachelor’s degree who could ensure safety of labor management at workplace, who have the command of recording, filing and monitoring management of Occupational Health and Safety at Work, who could follow and apply the relevant legal procedure in case of emergency based on disaster, who could provide consultancy service on communication and organization with professional emergency establishments and nearby neighbors, in particular with the workplace, who could make risk assessments, offer a solution and perform budgeting though the relevant planning, who have knowledge of planning and management on environmental safety and who could provide consultancy service on communication and organization with professional emergency establishments and nearby neighbors.

Period of Study:2 Years

Optional Preparatory:: Available

Language of Education: in English

Fee of Study:

Accreditations: Our school was acknowledged by Ministry of National Education on 24/01/2011 and approved by the permission no 481/11.

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