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Objective of the Program;

Our school offers a unique opportunity of education and training for every walk of life by means of General English Language Course. Our course prepared for all the adults, young professionals, idealist individuals or candidates of learning general English is a program which ensures a short but rapid learning along with other programs which will generate motivation of the participants and improve their language skills in English.

Thanks to specialist instructors at our course, an educative, stimulus, attractive and entertaining atmosphere is created and so participants could establish effective communication. At our courses, activities are performed to improve grammar and vocabulary while an intensive program of study on reading, writing, speaking and listening is carried out. All these activities are carried out with attention and care to generate motivation of the participants. Success and learning level of all participants are observed during the course. With a friendly and sincere atmosphere we provide for our participants, we call all the candidates, who want to make a rapid progress in a short time, to contact with our school as soon as possible. If you don’t know your foreign language level, then get in touch with us immediately. Our General English Course provides training also with the following language learning lines:

  • Pre-beginner
  • Beginner
  • Pre-intermediate
  • OIntermediaterta
  • Upper intermediate
  • Pre-advanced
  • Pro/Advanced

Participants get the trainings specified in the following activities in order to achieve their goals.

  • Active Speaking by Discussion, Discussions and Speaking Activities
  • Reading Activities and Effective Reading Skills to Improve Vocabulary and

Skill getting Methods

  • Practical Grammar Education – Activities to Get Native Language Competency
  • Communication Strategies
  • Presentation Skills
  • Writing Strategies
  • Meeting and Role Studies Based on Discussion
  • Main Education for Pronunciation Activities
  • Media and News In English

All the learning contents specified above are included in General English Course provided by BMS. Our goal is to allow participants to have a command of English language in a short time but also quickly and get the required qualification. The thing to be done is to attend English Language Training program at our school and achieve your goals by taking advantage of excellent opportunities of education to be offered for you.

Employment Opportunities:You can benefit from any employment opportunity in every field of public or private sector. It is a program which helps you to do well in the international exams.

Period of Study: 1 Semester- 1 Year

Optional Preparatory: Available

Language of Education: in English

Fee of Study:

2019/20 Summer+2020/21 Fall Semesters, 800 Euro

2020/21 Fall+2020/21 Spring Semesters, 1500 Euro

2029/20 Summer+2020/21 Fall+2020/21 Spring Semesters, 1500 Euro

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