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Educational process of the countries is affected by the technological innovations emerging every passing day in parallel with continuous information increase and scientific developments. For this reason, education programs should be required and the educational environments should be suitable for conditions of the time. Especially needs of the society and employment areas of the country should be considered in developing vocational and technical education programs since vocational and technical education schools and institutions are in charge of introducing the students to the sector as qualified personnel.

During the vocational and technical training provided for the individuals, the developed countries attach importance to provide individuals with basic skills to understand and use the technology, communication and problem solving skills and the discipline to work in cooperation. In addition, they can provide the sector with the qualified work force required by the industry by means of the vocational and technical education by following technological changes and developments and integrating them with the system of education in a short time.

In our country, there is a great need for members of profession who are specialists in the field of vocational training. BMS, by its current mission, carries out activities at the level of international standards in order to make up this deficiency through vocational education programs created in direction of needs of the society.

In the most general sense, vocational and technical training is a period to improve an individual in a balanced manner in cognitive, emotional, social, economic and personal aspects by getting them adopting knowledge, skills, attitudes and vocational habits required by a profession which is essential for individual and social life. In this context, BMS offers you an opportunity to have international recognition degrees in the field of vocational training and also educational programs to prepare you for a more reliable future. At our school, thanks to the importance attached to hands on training after theoretical training period, those who graduate from our school will take a place in the society as qualified, skilled individuals in their fields who have careers when they begin a career.

It is known that choice of profession is one of the most important decisions we make in our life. Given the fact that we spend a big part of a day at workplace conducting business-oriented activities, we might understand better how important to choose a profession is. Choice of profession is about not only what you will do but also what kind of life you will live. Profession chosen by the individual plays a determining role in standard of living, lifestyle and social life in the future. It is thus pretty important that the field of vocational education in which individual wants to study is in high standards of education and especially individual studies in an intensive level of hands-on training.

BMS is one of the most important vocational education institutions which take as a goal to provide all the students with quality education by considering all these principles.

Students graduated from our school will get certificates of international recognition degree and they could find easily business opportunities across the world. Candidates, if they will, can attend education and training programs by which they could reach to a condition of run their own business. Members of vocational training graduated from our school, as individuals reintroduced to the sector, would become productive, socially beneficial and outgoing individuals and would be satisfied in professional sense with the happiness of being productive.

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