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Director Message

Business Management School of Cyprus was established in 2010 in order to provide professional vocational training, vocational seminars and vocational education and training services.

In our country and the developing countries, it is a great need to have members of profession who are specialists in the field of vocational training. Vocational and technical training is a period to improve an individual in a balanced manner in cognitive, emotional, social, economic and personal aspects by getting them adopting knowledge, skills, attitudes and vocational habits required by a profession.

BMS is a private vocational training school established for young people who want to have a profession by improving their own technical, vocational skills and abilities and for those who want to start a career and have a vocational training by both studying and working.

Objective of BMS’s curriculum is to inform students in conceptual aspects and improve knowledge and skill and competences required by the industry after being designed carefully. It integrates learning at class with work experience and prepares students for the future so that they could solve their business problems. Economic, industry-oriented and comprehensive management programs are available in information world. Programs at English Language School and Vocational Schools are prepared to prepare our students for the business world.

We provide an opportunity of hands-on training through our close relations to the service sector and industry sector. During this period, our students reach an entrepreneurial spirit and problem solving ability along with work experience.

An opportunity for education is offered within the city life at our building in city center Nicosia.

I would like to indicate proudly that BMS would provide support for service and industry sectors by training specialist members of profession. Our primary objective is to raise qualified employees having knowledge, skills and experiences who are required by industry and service businesses.

Students who graduate from our Vocational School will get certificates of international recognition degree and could find easily business opportunities throughout the world.

BMS is a vocational education institution that takes as a goal to offer quality education for all students. We are waiting for you to accept into our vocational programs and English language courses we provide training of high standards.

Remember that being a BMS student is a privilege! BMS prepares you for the future.

Best Regards,



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