Individuals who seek a position as a legal secretary usually have an interest in the law, but a legal background is not necessary to enter the field. Candidates are typically high school graduates and have basic administrative skills. They may seek enrollment into the legal secretary program to get diploma in their current position or begin as an entry-level employee. Our  degree program teach students the legal skills necessary in the position. In addition to legal knowledge, legal secretaries should know how to follow directions and be able to communicate well; they must also be computer literate and able to work well under pressure.

CAREER: Puplic and Private sector

Internship:Thecompulsoryinternship program consist of 4 months (96 workingdays) . Studentsaremadetheirinternship program in ourcontractedcompaniesorcenterswithpracticalappliededucation  in theacademicyear

Duration: 2 Years

Optional Prep: Yes

Language: English / Turkish

Evening School: Yes (17: 30-20: 30 )

Fee / Annual: 2800 USD/ANNUM*

On Cash payment 10% discount is applied: 2520 USD

Accrediation: Business Management School of Cyprus as Vocational School  wasestablishedandapprovedby TRNC Ministry of Education at thedate of 24/01/2011and 481/11 permission.

Associate Transition Policy: The credits of courses taken  in a sub or equivalent program will be counted if they go to a top program.


*10 equalinstallmentimplementation is usedforallcreditcards

**Whowanttoreceivetutioncredit, can applyourcontractedbanks , namedIktisatBank,Turkey Is Bank and Universal Bank in  whicheducationcredit is available

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