Traditionally, computer operators are in charge of overseeing computer systems to make sure that everything is running smoothly. Computer operators are employed by a wide range of businesses that need to maintain secure computer networks. Sometimes, the bulk of the job is performed in main rooms known as data centers. However, many modern computer systems manage themselves and no longer operate from a mainframe. In either scenario, your job as a computer operator is primarily to be a system administrator.

 Computer operators may find themselves working as part of a team or completely on their own. Either way, they need to possess good computer and troubleshooting skills.


After completing the program, the students will be able towork as a computer operator at any department (both Govt. and Private department) as well as Assistant Programmer, Computer Instructor, Lab Assistant.

The student can also own a computıor Lab center of herself and given she may setup her own computer related business. 

: Computor Operator

Internship: The compulsory internship program consist of 4 months (96 working days) . Students are made their internship program in our contracted companies or centers with practical applied education in the academic year.

Duration: 2 Years

Optional Prep: Yes

Language: English / Turkish

Evening School: Yes (17: 30-20: 30 )

Fee: 2800 USD/ANNUM*

On Cash payment 10% discount is applied: 2520 USD

Accrediation: Business Management School of Cyprus as Vocational School was established and approved by TRNC Ministry of Education at the date of 24/01/2011 and 481/11 permission.

Associate Transition Policy: The credits of courses taken  in a sub or equivalent program will be counted if they go to a top program.

*Payment Facilities:

*10 equal installment implementation is used for all credit cards.

** Who want to receive tution credit, can apply our contracted banks , named Iktisat Bank and Turkey Is Bank which there education credit is available.

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